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Julie Gramyk RN: Leading the Charge in Exosome Excellence, RESILIÉLLE Promotes VP of Age Zero™ Education

**Rochester, NY, May 9, 2024** – RESILIÉLLE COSMETICS LLC, a leader in exosome innovation for skincare and haircare solutions, proudly announces the promotion of Nurse Julie Gramyk, RN, to the position of Vice President of US Sales, driving 100% Customer Success. With 18 years of experience leading an innovative MedSpa and being the leading industry consultant on best practices for aesthetic devices and protocol development, she will spearhead the development of the Resiliélle Age Zero Exosomes Excellence accreditation program aimed at enhancing understanding of aesthetic exosomes in the field.

During Julie's tenure with Resiliélle as Director of Trials and Customer Success, she demonstrated exceptional ability in empowering MedSpa owners, plastic surgeons, and dermatologists with best-in-class exosome practices. Her extensive industry knowledge positions her to collaborate with potential partners, initiate trials, and provide key insights into new product development, thereby enhancing RESILIÉLLE’s commitment to exosome education.

In her current role, Julie successfully onboarded an extensive Resiliélle Age Zero Exosome Educator team across 40 cities, with plans to expand to every major and mid-size city market by year-end. This team aims to establish themselves as the most educated exosome team globally, addressing all exosome inquiries and implementing age zero exosomes by RESILIÉLLE for skin and hair rejuvenation in the US market.

Nurse Gramyk expressed her attraction to RESILIÉLLE Cosmetics LLC due to the company's leadership in safety and quality for exosome skincare and haircare solutions using Age Zero Exosomes. The company is committed to educating aesthetic practitioners on the importance of choosing certified age zero products and incorporating Resiliélle exosomes into all services.

RESILIÉLLE manufactures the world’s largest production of Age Zero Exosomes in an ISO 7 Cleanroom using “low passage” stem cell expansion standards to maintain the original characteristics and potency of the exosomes. Unlike other exosome products on the market, Age Zero RESILIÉLLE Exosome products are frozen but never freeze-dried during manufacture, ensuring unmatched quality and efficacy. Additionally, the product undergoes independent testing by a US-certified CLIA laboratory, providing customers with confidence in its integrity and safety.

RESILIÉLLE CEO Erin Crowley underscores the importance of customers being able to distinguish true exosome products from imitations. The company refuses to compromise on quality, testing, or manufacturing standards. Nurse Gramyk's ability to educate and lead a sales force on fully understanding exosomes sets RESILIÉLLE apart, allowing them to expose subpar products and educate the public on quality and manufacturing practices.

Nurse Gramyk asserts that in the dynamic realm of exosomes, RESILIÉLLE stands unrivaled as the global standard-bearer, defining Age Zero Certified excellence. With exosomes derived from Wharton’s jelly-derived MSCs (Mesenchymal Stem Cells), RESILIÉLLE elevates manufacturing to the pinnacle of product quality, backed by independent testing from US-certified CLIA labs.

RESILIÉLLE CEO Erin Crowley emphasizes the company’s commitment to quality as its ethos, inviting customers to witness production firsthand. The company sets the gold standard for exosome quality and aims to expose fake exosome products in the skincare world.

Crowley explains that RESILIÉLLE is setting new standards in skincare driven by scientific validation, citing a recent 100-participant trial demonstrating the efficacy of their Age Zero Exosomes with microneedling and three more launching in skincare and haircare.

For more information about the trial results, visit

**About RESILIÉLLE Cosmetics LLC:**

RESILIÉLLE Cosmetics LLC pioneers cutting-edge skincare and haircare solutions, committed to redefining beauty standards through innovation and scientific excellence. RESILIÉLLE guarantees the authenticity and purity of their products, offering pure, low-passage, Age-Zero Exosomes for radiant, youthful skin and lustrous hair. With exclusive distribution deals in the United Arab Emirates, Lebanon, and Kuwait, RESILIÉLLE is expanding its reach globally.

RESILIÉLLE is a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Crowley Center for Regenerative & Biotherapeutics, launched by Rochester, NY-based AT Venture Center, a majority women-owned and operated firm.


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